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Attention Football Registrants:  When prompted, please enter your player's CURRENT GRADE.  On July 1st, the system will automatically increment the grade for the next season.  (i.e., if you are an incoming freshman, grade = 8.  On July 1st, it will automatically change to 9).  Also, if a parent has already registered on the Booster Club website from last season, don't be alarmed when you see "ineligible" next to your name.  You are just re-registering your athlete for this upcoming season...you as the parent are already registered.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  You are about to register your student athlete on the WFBlackhawksFootball Booster Club website, as an ongoing source of communication and updates related to all things Black Hawk Football.  You will still have to officially register your athlete via HUSD's required registration process that includes medical exams and waivers.  Stay tuned for that info this summer.


Thank you!



2021 Season Black Hawk Booster Site Registration

Welcome to Black Hawk Nation! 

We are working very hard to keep everyone informed of all Football matters throughout the season, but we need your help to do so!  Please be as ACCURATE & COMPLETE as possible during your registration process and help us help you!

Thank you!

Coach Steve Campbell

Opened: 01/22/2021