Williams Field High School Football


Steve Campbell - Head Coach

This will be Coach Steve Campbell’s 20th year as a Head Coach and 24th year coaching high school football.  Before coming to Williams Field, Coach Campbell spent seven years coaching football at McClintock High School.  During his first three years at McClintock, Coach Campbell was the Offensive Coordinator.  Coach Campbell was hired to take over the program as Head Coach in 2003. Coach’s first coaching experience was as a freshman football coach at Mountain Pointe High School under the legendary coach, Karl Kiefer.

Before deciding to become a coach, Campbell played a year and a half for the Arizona Rattlers and is a former ASU quarterback.  He played at ASU from 1994-1998 and was a member of the Rose Bowl team as well as the starting QB for the Sun Bowl championship team in 1997. Before attending ASU, Campbell played at Norco High School in California, where he played for his dad who was the Head Coach there for 31 years.  During his time at Norco, Coach Campbell was a three year starting QB for a back to back 28-0 CF championship team.  Coach Campbell graduated from ASU in 1999 with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Science.  Coach Campbell also has a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling. “The best thing about my Master’s Degree is that I get to use it every day working with these kids.  Knowing what their mindset is and how they form it really helps get the most out of them.”

Coach Campbell married his high school sweetheart, Danielle, on June 26, 1999.  They have been blessed with three beautiful boys, Colton who will be 11 on September 1st, Collin who turned 8 in July, and Cashton who will be 5 in December. “My family gives up a lot to allow me to coach but the great thing is they are the biggest fans of this program. Colton probably knows as much about each player as anyone.  Friday nights are a big deal in my family.”  “Cashton typically says, “My favorite team is the Black Hawks because we always win…right Dad?” Hopefully we don’t let him down.  Coach says it is a pretty common thing to hear Collin and the other boys all of a sudden break out into the I Believe chant around the house.

“Unfortunately we have had our fair share of loss this year and in recent years.  In every situation, positive or negative, I believe there is something we can learn about ourselves…if we chose to.  The lesson we have come to learn as a family is simple…try to slow down and enjoy the moments we have together.  As simple as it sounds, this is one of the hardest things there is to do because there is always something that needs to be taken care of or somewhere we have to be.  Life has recently reminded us that in the end time passes far too fast to not enjoy what we have.”

This year Danielle and Coach Campbell celebrated there 16th wedding anniversary and 23 years since they started dating.  “Danielle and I have grown into who we are together.  We have been by each other’s side since the beginning of our adult lives and we will be there at the end.”  Coach said “I don’t think people understand how hard it is being a coach’s wife.  Football has become a seven day a week, 365 day a year job.  Every time we do a camp, community outreach, or even summer training, those are all times Danielle has to run the house by herself.  People see the in-season stuff but what they don’t see is how Danielle is constantly revolving her life and the lives of the kids around my schedule year round.  She does it without complaint and always finds a way to make it work.  She amazes me on a daily basis.”   

“One of the lessons that I learned from my mom before she passed away was to love just as hard as you fight.  I hope that I do that not only as a parent and husband but also as a coach.”  Coach Campbell’s dad is the one responsible for forming his life in Football.  “I have great respect for what my dad accomplished as a coach and a father.  I have been lucky in life to have such a great role model.”

Danielle and Coach Campbell were very lucky to have both of their mom’s so involved and willing to spend so much extra time watching the kids before they passed away.  “As hard as these past few years have been, it has been very comforting knowing that the boys were able to spend that special time with the ones who love them so much.” 

“The program’s philosophy revolves around two factors…attitude and effort; this is because those are the only two things you can control in life.  With good attitude and effort, you are more likely to succeed in your undertakings throughout your life,” says Coach Campbell.  In order to teach the players how to have a good attitude and effort, Coach Campbell uses the, "Seven Keys to Winning."  The “Seven Keys to Winning”, are a rough interpretation of a book called, “Seven Habits for Highly Effective Teens.”


Kelvin Hunter - Defensive Coordinator

Coach Kelvin Hunter is the Varsity Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs coach.  In his first year, at McClintock High School, he was an assistant to Coach Campbell, and is now in his ninth year of coaching.  He was an All State and All American Defensive Back at Hawthorne High School in California and he played eight years in the Arena Football League.  Coach Hunter is a graduate of the University of Arizona, where he earned a BA in Sociology.  He is part owner of Fabulous Linens, as well as preferred substitute teacher WFHS.  He has also worked on the feature films, “Traffic”, “A Man Apart”, and “The Princess Diaries”.


Coach Hunter has been married to his wife Tamiko for twelve years and has a son, KJ, who is six years old.  In his spare time he liked to spend time with his family, play basketball, pool, cards, and watch film.

Jason Karcher - O Line

Jason Karcher is the Varsity Defensive Line Coach, and this is his eighth year coaching at WFHS.  He is a second generation Arizonan and attended McClintock High School, where he participated in track and field as well as football.  Coach Karcher made All State in his senior year and accepted a football scholarship to the University of Wyoming where he earned a BA in History.  Coach Karcher has been the WFHS Video Productions teacher since April 2014.


Coach Karcher is married to Danielle welcomed a baby boy, Jaxxon, in December 2014 and are expecting their second baby in November.  Coach Karcher and his wife also have two dogs, Chewy and Barney, and two cats, Bella and Hans.  He enjoys reading, fishing, watching the History Channel, and coaching football.


Mathew Miller - Running Backs Coach







Lowell Spalla - Linbackers/Special Teams

Coach Spalla is a graduate of the University of Arizona.  He achieved his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Arizona and his Master’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University. He will finish his second master’s degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration in the spring of 2016. Coach Spalla coached for 5 years at Basha High School and most recently at Maricopa High School. He has coached at levels of high school from position coach to head coach at various levels.


Coach Spalla has been married to his wife Sheila for almost 8 years and they have a daughter who will be a freshman at the University of Arizona this fall.  Coach Spalla and his family are all excited to be a part of the Black Hawk family.